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The home loan program now known as CalTAP Plus is more than just a mortgage loan and Secure Choice Lending is more than just another mortgage lender.

We help teachers, police officers, firefighter’s, military veterans, and other California public employee’s budget, save money and develop a financial plan for retirement by utilizing their home mortgage as a wealth building tool.

CalTAP Teacher & Public Employee Rewards Benefits:

  1. Rates are generally .125% to .250% lower than the national average.
  2. No Lender (or) Processing Fees Charged Ever! ($1,895 value).
  3. Free Float Down if Rates Improve after You LOCK!.


  1. Earn up to $10,000 CASH-BACK using one of our TAP+ USA Real Estate Partners to buy your next home!

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CalTAP Plus is our way of saying Thank You for all you do to serve your local community.

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